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Excel News › 24M Forward Fold 5-Section Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’

9 metre trailing High Lift Frame fitted with single disc units at 333mm spacings

Loading for transport the 24 meter (80 feet) Forward Fold, 5-Section version of the Excel “Stubble Warrior”

The first 24m Forward Fold 5-Section Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’
Excel Agriculture continues to demonstrate Planter Frame design innovatation with the first unit of the 24 meter (80 feet) Forward Fold, 5-section version of the renown ‘Stubble Warrior’.

  • 24M Forward Fold 5-Section Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’
  • 24M Forward Fold 5-Section Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’
  • 24M Forward Fold 5-Section Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’

24m Forward Fold 5-Section Excel planter

While common wider frames fold-up vertically, and also into a box frame, having both wide and high transport dimensions, this new Excel frame design employs a forward folding configuration.

So, rather than presenting a problem when road transport is required, Excel’s “Fold forward” design has a reduced transport width as the outside wing sections ‘walk around’ to the drawbar (front) of the planning frame. Also, importantly, the frame’s centre of gravity is kept low.

After Excel had successfully manufactured a number of 18m (60 foot), 3-section machines fitted with summer plant combinations, this is the first 24 meter (80 foot) 5-section planting frame manufactured.

This Excel “Stubble Warrior” has been purchased by an existing Central Qld customer to add to his fleet of Excel machines.

Fit-out Options
This 5-section planting frame has been fitted with:

  • SP200 Stubble Warrior double disc opener which have been upgraded to include liquid and granular fertilizer delivery tubes.
  • Mud scrapers;
  • Levelling chains;
  • Vacuum precision metering system;
  • Delta Force by Precision Seeding Solutions; and…
  • Has a liquid fertilizer application capacity of 2400 litres.

Meeting the customer’s needs has has been the focuse of all aspects of this impressive planting frame design.

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